"Look at God!"

     When I told a new friend about the amazing things God is doing, her immediate, enthusiastic response was to throw her arms in the air and shout, “LOOK AT GOD!" I hope you will take a few minutes to “LOOK AT GOD!” and all that He has been doing in and through Elder Orphan Care.

I-See Vision Kit   Our second annual EOC Fundraiser was a fun evening and brought in $700 towards the $950 need to buy the I-See Kit from i-tech THANKS TO ALL who came, gave, and helped in any way. Special thanks to Pat Gaddis, owner/operator of Fair Meadow Bakes, and to Cheryl Hawley and Janna Syester, EOC Ministry Team Leaders, who organized the event and did most of the work! And "LOOK AT GOD!" a $250 donation was given after I spoke at a church this month! We have the money to buy the I-See kit!
Shoebox Christmas Gifts   Thanks to the generosity of so many who bought items and packed a Christmas Shoebox (or 2 or 5!) we have gifts to give 106 elderly and frail in December! PLUS $550 was donated towards the cost of shipping the boxes on our container. We also set aside gifts for Pastor Viorel and Florica, Nurse Crini, and the caregivers. A wonderful crew spent an evening doing quality checks, packing the boxes for the container, and praying over your gifts. Special thanks to Ann Wayne for leading this project and to her crew for their labor of love.

Container to Romania  The winter-wear items, personal care products, wheelchairs, gifts, etc., that have been donated over the last year (and stored for free at Evangel Worship Center Mission Warehouse) are on their way to Romania! HUGE thanks to all the individuals, churches and organizations who made this possible.
Wheelchairs Donated by Advanced Home Care 
When I was in Romania in August, Nurse Crini said they have a critical need for wheelchairs because last winter was so brutal and many of the elderly and frail they have rescued had to have one or more legs amputated due to extreme frostbite. How grateful we are to Advanced Home Care, who through the encouragement of employee and EOC supporter, Janna Syester, donated seven wheelchairs and as well as money towards the cost of shipping.

Tinca “Glory Wing”   Thanks to the amazing “$10,000 in 2 Weeks Challenge" last August, the structure is built, and ten more elderly will be rescued off the streets and given a home.  Due to fluctuating costs, an additional $2200 was needed to complete heating & plumbing but "LOOK AT GOD!" a couple who heard me speak earlier this month gave $1000! Who will match their gift?
Braggin’ on God I love to brag on God and I've had the opportunity to do so in several churches and camps lately. THANK YOU Crossroads Church, Central United Methodist Church and Coldwater Lutheran (all in Concord, NC), Cherry Avenue Christian Church in Charlottesville, Virginia, and North Florida Christian Service Camp in Keystone Heights. While not all these events were EOC related, I seem to “leak” Elder Orphan Care stories!    Upcoming Opportunities: November 4th I am speaking for a Women’s Great Adventure Retreat at Wings of Eagles Ranch. In lieu of speaking fees I have asked that donations be made to EOC. Prayers appreciated. I have already booked speaking for January, March and October of 2013. Remember that I am available to speak at your church, retreat, club or organization, not only as an advocate for EOC, but also through my speaking ministry www.Kimmunicator.com


Jewelry By Gail: Kim’s Support Fundraiser   Friend Gail (and supporter of me and EOC in a variety of ways)  has donated her beautiful handmade jewelry for me to sell to help with my personal funding as an advocate for Elder Orphan Care. She donated a variety of earrings and necklaces that are just gorgeous. If you'd like a private viewing, let me know!

Thank you, Gail!
"Thirty-One" Fundraiser  Friend Erica prayed about how she could help support the ministry of Elder Orphan Care, and this fundraiser is the answer! She will donate a generous percentage of each purchase price to EOC! Click on the link below to browse the catalog and make your selections. Your purchases will be mailed directly to you, and the elderly and frail in Romania will benefit. Win, win! Let the shopping begin! Thank you, Erica!

Thirty-One EOC Fundraiser

Prayer Requests:

  • I will be flying to Indianapolis for the International Conference on Missions next month. I'm especially excited because I didn’t get to attend last year’s ICOM due to my run in with a deer and a semitrailer! GRATEFUL to be alive and make plans to participate this year. If you happen to be going, please stop by the RTC/EOC booth!
  • My accountability/ministry friends are praying about the funding needed so I can continue to devote my energies to the service God has called me to in Elder Orphan Care. We are so grateful for the churches and individuals who cheerfully "invest" each month and we are praying that others will feel led to join them! 
  • I have the privilege of returning to Romania November 30 - December 15. Please pray for me, Andy, Rob and the team members who will be making this trip.  May we serve God well and shine brightly for Jesus!
  • EOC Team Trip to Romania: April 4 - 13, 2013! Due to the training needed to participate on this trip, team members must live in the Concord, NC, area. Contact me if you are interested!

Well, after all that, what's left to say but, "LOOK AT GOD!"

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  1. Dear Kim, I always read your EOC blog...but not always as soon as I get the notice. I am humbled by your mention of my small gift...but it is so much about who you are...always grateful for anything and everything. Thank you for your gratitude, but I am the one who is grateful for all that you give and do. May God continued to bless your efforts.


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