“Only God!”: GO RO Team Praise Report

When Team GO RO was in Romania last month, God gave us many, many reasons to exclaim “Only God!” 

“Only God” can use photographs and cheap plastic frames to communicate His deep love and value to those who have been called “trash.” (Read the full story HERE

“Only God” knew that sweet Irina would need a book in Hungarian to read after she is fitted with new glasses (read the whole story HERE). 

“Only God” knew that Romanian "grandfathers" would be so happy to adopt American "granddaughters!"

“Only God” knew that a village woman would say to Pastor Danny “I would like to read my Bible but I need glasses” two weeks before our team would train him to use the I-See Kit, which we left for him to use to do eye exams in villages where he preaches. 

“Only God” knew that Dan, our driver, would agree to stay with our team one day to help with translation, which was of course the day that he had information no one else had that may help one of the men whose legs were amputated get prosthetics! 

There are many other “Only God” scenarios that I will be writing about over time. But would you please take a few minutes today to praise God for these marvelous deeds? 

And if you live in the Concord, NC, area, please join Team GO RO at our mission trip “Praise Celebration” Wednesday, May 15, 7 – 8 p.m. at the Crossroads Church Café. 

Once again, thank you for your encouragement, prayers and support. You may not have physically gone on the trip with us, but you are DEFINITELY a special part of Team GO RO!

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