Tinca "10 in 2" House Progress!

Scroll down to see what Pastor Viorel Pasca and his workers have accomplished in six weeks with the $10,000 we were able to present to him.

August 9, 2012: Here I am standing on the land set aside for building a structure in Tinca, Romania, that will become home for ten elderly. 

Foundation poured and supplies onsite within one week! 

Walls up! 

Grateful for good weather! 

Pastor Viorel is not only a great visionary, he is a man of action. That’s him on his knees, working the concrete. 

I’m guessing Pastor Viorel has a few blisters to show for his hard work. 

Five weeks after construction began. 

September 20: This photo was taken six weeks after we sat at Pastor Viorel’s dining room table and told him that 41 friends and 1 church had donated $10,000 in 2 weeks to provide homes for otherwise homeless elderly. To God be the glory!

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