It's Christmas Boxes of Hope Time!

It may be summer, but it’s time to start thinking about packing Christmas Boxes of Hope for our elderly and frail friends in Romania. The collection deadline, September 13, 2015, will be here before we know it! 

If you’re not familiar with this project, a Christmas Box of Hope is a shoebox filled with simple gifts for men and women who need the hope of Jesus. Boxes of Hope will be shipped in October and teams from America will be in Romania in December to hand deliver your gifts to nearly 200 grateful souls! 


Fill a plastic shoebox with the items listed below. If possible, make your box gender neutral, as demographics change quickly. 

Include a minimum $5 donation to help with shipping costs. Place $5 cash in your box or make your checks payable to “Remember the Children” and note “Elder Orphan Care” on the memo line. 

Drop off your Box of Hope at your church at the time and location provided by your Church Coordinator, or email to make other arrangements. 


  • Sugar-free hard candy 
  • Winter scarf, hat, gloves 
  • Notepad, ink pens 
  • Comb, brush 
  • Slipper socks 
  • Travel-size lotion 
  • Tissue packets 
  • Photo of you/your family with a greeting (for example, Jesus loves you: Isus te Iubeste. Merry Christmas: Craciun Fericit) 


May God abundantly bless you for bringing hope to our elderly and frail friends in Romania!

Who Takes Photos of Trash?

Kim Jackson and Viorel Pasca in Tinca, Romania
My friend Viorel Pasca oversees the care of 160 elderly and frail in Romania. Their stories are unique but they have one thing in common: they would have no home were it not for God’s grace embodied in Viorel. 

He began rescuing homeless elderly in 2006. Today he is known by paramedics, police and social workers as the man who receives any person who needs a home, regardless of their past, their resources, their age, their health, or their nationality. 

He's been told, “You invest too much in people who have no future, who deserve their fate, who don’t even know what’s going on. Their lives are worthless.” Recently someone at city hall said, “You get the trash. All the trash is sent to you.” 

So it isn’t any surprise that God would direct our Elder Orphan Care mission team to deliver photographs of the so-called "trash" I took on previous trips. Our team had the most glorious privilege of giving the framed photographs to some of the most grateful people on planet earth. Their value in God's eyes is beautifully reflected in the photographs below. 

Each frame held a photograph of the person alone, but since the frames were clear plastic, I placed a photo of them with other people on the back side.

An interesting thing happened between the day we delivered the photographs and next day when we visited. In every case, the frame had been turned so that the photograph of them with someone was facing the front....

God bless you, Viorel Pasca, for not only believing, but for acting on the belief that God treasures each person He has created.

"So God created human beings in his own image. In the image of God he created them..." (Genesis 1:27).

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