Thankful and Expectant

When you hit a deer 
get hit by a semi 
flip 3 times in the air 
and survive,
You can be sure 
God has you in His hands.

When you need a car 
And God gives you one quickly 
But it's aging and sickly 
And repairmen quit trying,
You can be sure 
God has something up His sleeve.

When you need $15,000 
for a car to do speaking 
to help homeless and needy 
elderly and forgotten 
And dear ones give you $5000,
You know God is at work.

When your heart bursts with joy,
And your eyes fill with tears 
at the generous gifts 
from old friends and new 
And you're waiting and trusting, 
You know God is still working.

And that's where we are friends.
I'm so thankful and expectant.
Will you pray with me? 

If you've already given, 
May God bless you big time.
If you'd like to give,
May God guide you.
If you'd like to pray, 
I thank you.

To give online, click HERE 
Be sure to put "Kim's Car" in the comment box. 
To give via check, email for a mailing address. 

We hope to meet our goal by July 8, the day I return from Romania.

Thank you for being a special part of the team God uses to bless the homeless elderly of Romania!

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