Wish List for Container to Romania!

      Elder Orphan Care is receiving donations of new or gently-used items from the list below (or financial gifts to purchase them) to help the formerly homeless elderly in Romania. If you can help, please call me at 704-787-5280 or via email at kimjackson@remember-the-children.org   Deadline is Wednesday September 28!!  Our container ships Oct. 1st from Baltimore! Thank you and God bless you BIG time!

* 70 Seven-Day-a-Week pillboxes with 2 rows (morning & evening)
* Disposable under pads for beds
* Incontinence briefs for men and women M – XL size
* Tennis shoes with Velcro straps, various sizes
* Plastic slip-on shoes (not flip-flops, i.e. Croc-brand type shoes)
* Sweatpants and slacks with elastic waistbands (all sizes)
* Socks (Eleos International is supplying)
* T-shirts, Sweaters, various sizes
* Wheelchairs (Robin Scharding is working on this need)
* Transfer boards (Janna Syester is working on this need)
* Non-sterile medical gloves (can be purchased at drugstores or Wal-Mart)
* Disinfectant, detergent, mops, buckets
* Blankets
* Fitted bottom sheets  (twin, extra long size: i.e. dorm room size)
* Clothes drying racks
* Bed trays (either with folding legs or stackable)
* Adult clothing protectors (Sew & Sow Ministry is working on this need)
* Walker Bags (Sew & Sow Ministry is working on this need)
* Storage bins (i.e. Rubbermaid tubs)
* Nail clipping & podiatry items
* Bed-bath aids; blow-up basin for washing hair in bed
* Wound care supplies, stockinettes, syringes (Eleos International is supplying)
* Wedge pillows
* Heel protectors (to help prevent bed sores)

**70 Christmas Shoeboxes for the Elderly: Ann Wayne is co-chairing this project. Who would like to co-chair it with her? 
     Ideas for shoebox gifts: body lotion or spray, sugar-free candy, pen, notepad, slipper socks, winter scarves, hats, gloves, jigsaw puzzles, etc.

Additional Needs for our trip to Romania Oct. 7th, 2011: Trip Funding; 50 sample-size bottles of lotion from Bath & Body Works; Dollar Store reading glasses

FYI: If you are not in the Concord, NC, area, we have two other collection sites: the Bedford, Indiana, area, and the Joppa, Maryland area.


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