Winter Extremes

More Photos: Extreme Cold Hits Europe
While most of the United States breezed through winter, Europe's was beyond brutal. The last report I read listed the death toll at 460. Most of the fatalities recorded were homeless people found frozen to death outside.

Andy Baker, my friend, co-laborer, and boss, traveled to Romania last month. I spoke with him this week after he had visited Pastor Viorel in Dumbrava.

As you may know, Pastor Viorel took action 6 years ago when he and his wife, Florica, saw a newscast about homeless elderly dying on the streets. They opened their home to a few...then more....and when I visited there last October, they were caring for 68 souls rescued from the streets.

So I was not surprised to hear that Pastor Viorel, Florica, and Nurse Crini once again hit the streets....caring for those they found freezing, doing their best, with limited resources, to treat frostbite and its aftermath. They used some of the funds we sent to buy supplies to bake dozens of loaves of bread. They loaded up the IKEA polar fleece blankets that the Shanks family donated last fall....and they ministered to the homeless with compassion in the form of bread and blankets.

And when it was all said and done, the humble room that Pastor Viorel was planning to use as a small dining room for those already living in the makeshift "nursing homes" surrounding his house....well, you guessed it: now that room houses 34 more homeless people. Yes, that's right: now they are providing food, shelter and medical care for 102 people. 

Pastor Viorel told Andy: "God's plan was different than my plan. It is more important to bring others in out of the cold than to have a place for those already here to eat."

I thank God for Pastor Viorel....and for all of you who have donated funds, supplies, equipment, resources, & winter wear. And it's my prayer that together we can provide more and better care for the growing population of homeless elderly in Romania. 

Will you join your prayers with mine?

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  1. Yes, I see his can you let people die in the streets so you can have a dining room. But this is quite an increase in overall needs. I will be praying for this situation. God has a plan!


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