Today is The Day!

Good Morning!

Just a note to thank you again for your prayers and encouragement in all its beautiful forms!
My dear friends Julia and Janna are taking me to the airport in a few minutes. The airplanes and your prayers will carry me off on this amazing God-Venture!

I fly Charlotte to Chicago; Chicago to London, London to Budapest, Hungary, and meet the team there. We will drive to Romania.,

Am I flying alone? Yes and No :)  I'm not with the team yet, but I do have a Constant Companion!

I am taking photos of individuals and groups who have helped in any way--and I will bring back photos to show you what your partnership is doing!

Janna will be sending emails and posting to facebook for me in the event I am not able to do so myself.  I want to be focused and in the moment, so you may just have to wait till I get back to hear in the "old days" :)

I am grateFULL!


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