Won't be long now! I leave for Romania next Saturday, July 9, 2011.  My heart is overflowing with God's goodness.....SO much has happened since He set me on this God-Venture!

  • God is raising up a team of people passionate about meeting the needs of the elder orphans in Romania.  They come from all walks of life...various ages....and different locations, but they each are contributing in their special way!
  • Through this team God has already provided over 1/3 of the financial support I need so I can invest my energies fully in Elder Orphan Care!
  • Members of the EOC team have provided suitcases, personal care bags, toiletry items,  opportunities to speak about EOC, encouragement via thoughtful gifts, one-time financial gifts, accountability and ministry wisdom, encouragement over a meal or sipping coffee, and much, much more, including what I need above all:  PRAYER.
  • God is glorified as stories of sacrificial giving become known....some are cutting back on eating out so they can give to Elder Orphan amazing family sold their "overflow" refrigerator and cheerfully gave the proceeds to help serve the elderly in Romania....others are praying about creative ways they can save in order to give....
  • Pictured below is one special family (minus dad, Sean--he was hooking up the camper to the van!) who has overwhelmed me with their prayerful, joyful giving.... God bless you BIG time, Shanks family!

Today during the 9:45 service, my Crossroads church family will be commissioning me to do the work God has called me to do. Please know that as they gather around me to pray, whether you are physically able to attend or not.... you WILL be there too!


Yay, God!

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