A Shopping "Challenge": Who Can Get the Best Deals?!

Looks like a great weekend for yard sales,  plus I've noticed many "CLEARANCE" signs up...which means there are great opportunities to discover "FINDS" from our Wish List for the container shipping to Romania in less than a month!  (I need the items by Sunday, September 25th).

Please be on the lookout for:

  • New, plastic slip-on shoes (no flip-flops)
  • New tennis shoes with velcro straps
  • New or gently used blankets
  • New or gently used sweatpants and slacks with elastic waistbands
  • New or gently used sweaters
  • New disposable under pads for beds
  • Boxes of incontinence briefs
  • New or gently used large plastic storage bins
  • Boxes of non-sterile medical gloves
  • Clothes drying racks
  • Fitted bottom sheets, twin size, extra long (dorm room size)
  • Dollar Store reading glasses
SO grateful to all of you who have helped us mark items off the list!  To date we have 9 wheelchairs, 9 transfer boards, 70 pillboxes, 23 bed trays, boxes of socks, a variety of heel protectors, wedge pillows, wound care supplies, etc.  YAY!

Ann Wayne and Serena Haneline are doing a great job getting the word out about our Christmas Shoeboxes for the Elderly, and Janna Syester has a great Fall Fundraiser planned for September 25th (some tickets are still available).  Details about the shoeboxes and fundraiser can be found on previous posts on this blog.

Today I am praying that God blesses each of you abundantly....and then m o r e !

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  1. I'll check out some possibilities in Budapest! I love how God can lead us to bargains!


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